Thursday, October 8, 2009

The National Review's definition of very conservative

John Key! A man who admits he's more centrist then his somewhat more conservative predecessor Don Brash. Neither of the two are conservative in any sense of the word, yet Brash at least gave a modicum of conservative rhetoric when he was in the loyal opposition. They are both stewards of big government and big business working in tandem along with a welfare state. While the left in New Zealand does the phony "reform capitalism now" charade, the right does the "reform welfare" chicanery. Yet neither has been substantially curtailed and the main victim is the middle class Kiwis.

Here is Veronique de Rugy claiming John Key is "very conservative."

It should be noted that Veronique de Rugy is an economist and thus utterly incapable of considering herself and others anything but economic units. Her definition of "conservatism" is utterly warped. To Veronique, a "conservative" is one who loves big business and wants them to have free reign over the world without the interference of the "liberal" government. Paeans to small business, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility aside, this is the crux of her dogma. In this worldview, there is nothing outside the efficiency of the so-called "free-market." There are no individuals, no morality, no religion, nothing outside of economic calculations is of any value. Nations have become "markets" and citizens have become "consumers."

So let's meet-in the words of Veronique de Rugy-the "very conservative" Prime Minister of New Zealand.

In typical "conservative" fashion, he claims to be against gay marriage yet supports civil unions and gay adoption. He even went as far as to say he would go gay for Brad Pitt!

Key also goes to church "a lot" yet doesn't believe in God!

Yet, the "real conservatives" at National Review tell me he's a "real conservative!" Once again, fake conservatives call a fake conservative an example for the rest of us to follow.

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