Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keeping America Insane

Statement from Liz Cheney on President Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy

I support President Obama’s decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan to defeat the enemy.

Who is the enemy Liz? How do we defeat them? What would defeat look like?

I do not support the establishment of timelines for withdrawal. Success must be our only exit strategy.
What is success? Should we stay in Afghanistan for 1,000 years?

The delay in making the decision has done real damage.

What is the real damage?

It has left doubts among our friends and enemies about America’s commitment to winning the war.
What does winning the war consist of? It has left doubts among our enemies? Who are our enemies?

Afghanistan is a necessary war that must be won.

Why is it necessary? What is winning?

America’s military men and women are the best the world has ever known and I have no doubt they can do what is necessary to take this fight to the enemy and win.”

Who is the enemy? What is winning?

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