Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bleeding Heart Liberal Bias 101

Roger Alford's failed hit piece on Rand Paul confirms nearly every stereotype about the liberal media. In the end, Dr. Paul ends up looking pretty good. The Republican establishment ends up looking like the asinine, corrupt, jingoistic and petty party of synthetic opposition that it really is.

Republican leaders, including McConnell, have been largely mum about the race. McConnell did host a GOP fundraiser in Washington for Grayson in September. More than 20 Republican senators attended, but the campaign hasn't released the fundraising total.

This should tell you everything you need to know about the Repugnant Party. Twenty senators and the living abomination to conservatism Mitch McConnell (the Senate leader of the dimwitted Repugnant party) are openly rejecting and holding fundraisers for the moderate candidate.

Since Bunning bowed out, Paul's detractors have tried to paint him as an oddball and an extremist, but growing crowds are flocking to town hall meetings across Kentucky to hear his spiel about reining in government spending, stopping taxpayer bailouts of private companies and balancing the federal budget.

Dr. Paul doesn't favor the perpetual war for perpetual peace and a massive police state; thus according to his detractors he's an "oddball and an extremist." Notice Mr. Alford's choice of words here.

Paul says he opposes abortion without exception, not even in cases of rape, incest or the health of the expectant mother. He also opposes marriages between gay and lesbian couples. At the same time, he voices staunch opposition to government intruding in the private lives of citizens.

Mr. Alford, if someone is seeking an abortion they are not an "expectant mother." And after losing thirty-one straight referendums regarding homosexual marriage Mr. Alford has taken to the task of propagandizing the rest of us by terming homosexual marriage as "marriages between gay and lesbian couples." Then he throws out all the standards of objective journalism and throws in the completely unnecessary "At the same time, he voices staunch opposition to government intruding in the private lives of citizens."

Apparently, one cannot be opposed to an unconstitutional police state and also oppose such iniquity as abortion and homosexual marriage in the eyes of the unbiased Roger Alford. It's a miracle that our founders could craft a constitution recognizing the value of privacy without simultaneously recognizing homosexual marriage and the right to abortion.

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