Friday, June 19, 2009

Conservative Rap?

Over at The American Conservative, Daniel McCarthy and John Schwenkley are rightly mocking the modern conservative movement's latest fad - two socially-awkward, lame, WASPs - who wrote a rap song Sean Hannity would be proud of and have been invited on Fox News a couple times.

It would probably surprise McCarthy and Schwenkley that lurking below the mainstream radar there actually are “conservative rappers.” Furthermore, the leading “conservative rapper” is a traditionalist Christian and most likely someone who would fall into the “post right” or “paleocon” label. This rapper questions the role of big business, media propaganda, pop culture, and unrestrained greed in modern America and is most likely anti-war. With his Christian humility and knowledge of the human condition, he would most likely be found perusing C.S Lewis and Russell Kirk and dismiss Richard Perle's magnum opus(sic) An End to Evil as insanity. He is equally dismissive of both of the(supposedly) liberal and conservative mass political movements of our age.

His name is John Reuben.

Reuben on America consumerism from "What about them?"

“Puff the magic Jesus
Folks around the universe
The United States is His favorite place on the whole entire earth
So sing your songs and wave your flag
And thank the Lord for all you have”

0, 0);">"And sure life’s not fair but it favors us apparently
And how are we to interpret this excess
Is it God’s favor ill-behavior or simply man’s modern progress "

When was the last time you heard a Republican use the word Curiousity? Or better yet display any?

The revolution didn't leave you. It never came.

Raised in Columbus, Ohio what do I know?
Midwest perspective, Midwest approach to life
American church, American Jesus Christ
The dos and don'ts, the wrongs and rights
The facts of life aren't always black and white.

Reuben talked about his song “Follow Your Leader” in a 2005 interview:

John Reuben: "Follow Your Leader" was inspired by the media and people who get their information from media of any kind. Whether it be Christian media or liberal media, and doing what it said or buying into its "propaganda," I guess. I think it came around the time of the election and I was just really blown away with how people didn't think for themselves a lot of times, or they didn't take the time to really put themselves in other people's shoes. They just kind of picked a side and followed their leader. And I mean that literally on both sides. So I think it was just the arrogance and being a little frustrated at the power of persuasion that the people can have who are in that position and not being responsible with that position.

From the Allmusic reviewWord of Mouth is the sound of a precocious brat coming of age, looking disillusionment squarely in the eye, and resolving to lead an extraordinary life in spite of the disappointment. And it's an unqualified triumph. You won't find a truer, more honest, or more celebratory album this year.”

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