Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why neopaleocons? Why here?

Some readers have e-mailed asking why Neopaleocons and why on Blogspot. Without getting into too much detail, our first site choice was Unfortunately we just couldn't hack it there.

Their slogan is "Where Defeat is not an Option" and where everything from "Hope for terrorists" to an open letter to Obama "Yes, Mr. Obama. We Are, In Fact, A Judeo-Christian Nation" appear. Anyway, after weeks of painstaking research, we couldn't find any religion called Judeo-Christianity or houses of worship representing such a religion. Also, we didn't quite view the defeat of McCain in 2008 as the death of Western Civilization. So here we are. Sad to say, but we just couldn't hack it at such an intellectually high-brow site like Blogsforvictory.

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