Thursday, June 11, 2009

National Review: A Source of Sanity!

"Dear NRO:

You are a source of sanity for me. When I hear something that sets my blood boiling, I look at if/how you are reacting to it and find your knowledge of the facts and professional demeanor both calm and inform. I walk away from my computer in a more hopeful, lighter mood than when I first sat down. I may even have had a laugh or two (thanks, Mark).Not that I always agree with you, but at least I feel I have been treated fairly.

PS Wish I could afford more, but maybe when the stimulus kicks in!
Details on contributing to NRO are here."

Scrounge up your last few cents of Bush Stimulus and donate now! Then start saving up to donate to the Giuliani Campaign in 2012! The bankers aren't going to be able to give too much this next presidential election. Remember you also get a free emergency radio from Newsmax, this always comes in handy during a terrorist invasion, which is a 100% certainty now that the defeatist Obama is in office.

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