Monday, June 15, 2009

Media Bias And Your Health!

As President Barack Obama tried to sell the American Medical Association today on his health care overhaul, the top Senate Republicans launched a familiar line of attack.”

Because Obama’s plan is so original, Mitt Romney never thought of it. Ted Kennedy hasn’t been pushing it for thirty years. Come to think of it, does Obama even have a plan besides "change"?

End media bias - Start Republican Plutocrats

They warned of rationed medical care, lack of patient control and government bureaucracy.”

Because this never happens with insurance companies! Because real hardcore freedom-loving Republicans never get sick and when they do the - non-profit, pro-life, Christian- insurance company is there to help them out! Only "Defeatists" get sick!

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell , in a floor speech scheduled for this afternoon warned that what Americans "don’t want is a Washington takeover of health care along the lines of what we’ve already seen with banks, insurance companies, and the auto industry. Americans don’t want a government-run system that puts bureaucrats between patients and doctors."

No we don't want a “government-run system that puts bureaucrats between patients and doctors."

We want the insurance companies interpolated between patients and doctors so they can profit first!

No one should go without care and no one should go without quality care,” Kyl said. “No one wants their care rationed by the insurance companies or the federal government.”

Hmmm – No insurance and no government rationing? Where do I get my rocket ship ticket to "John Kyl's Neocon Island Utopia"? Why hasn't he relocated to freedom loving Iraq yet?

Senate GOP Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) predicted that Americans would begin to sour on President Barack Obama’s call for a public option.

“Washington takeover are two words we’ve been hearing a lot from the Obama Administration these days,” said Alexander. “That’s a different direction that Republicans want to go.”

Alexander vowed that Republicans would stay on offense on the issue

“We intend to be players,” he said.

We never heard the word “takeover” from George Bush. We only heard “Regime Change”. By "players" he means sneak in provisions to protect his favored interests, which verily I say unto you, is not you.

And they say Republicans don’t understand the Middle Class!

And they say there is only a dimes worth of difference!

It’s as if these Chickenhawk adulterers don’t want anything to do with the same great care our heroes from Iraq get!

If its good enough for the troops, it's good enough for you!

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