Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phillip Morris loves you

"Its main rivals, however, have voiced opposition, arguing in part that FDA restrictions on new products will lock in Philip Morris' share of the market."

"The tobacco lobby, contended Durbin, has long been the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill, "and they managed to create an exemption in virtually every law so that no federal agency could take a look at them and regulate them."

So not only does congress get to pass a feel good bill that will have absolutely no effect on Big Tobacco's profits, the established tobacco behemoths get to lock in market share. Durbin gets off claiming he's fighting Big Tobacco, just like he fought the big banks, which he claimed controlled congress; by passing the toothless bill regulating credit cards a few weeks ago. All corporate interests are appeased, Durbin gets new liberal street cred and everyone goes home happy and enjoys a good cigar at the next fundraiser.

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