Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2400 A.D Universal Federation of Democracy and Freedom Presidential Debates!

Rudy Giuliani - Space is becoming a breeding ground for terrorists!

John McCain - We must give the illegals on Mars a path to citizenship!

Hillary Clinton - There are too many uninsured on the Moon!

Barack Obama - The Martian stimulus is working!

Al Sharpton - We must crack down on hate crimes on the Moon!

Sarah Palin - I helped get the rock pipeline from Pluto to Earth built!

Christopher Dodd - The collapse of Goldman Sach's moon bank could ruin the entire intergalactic financial system. The government must act!

Ron Paul - Mars is rapidly descending into tyranny and becoming a police state!

Mike Huckabee - I've always been a strong defender of Jupiter's ring cult and its values shape my political thinking.

John Edwards - There are now two galaxies, one for the rich and one for the poor!

Bill Richardson - As Emperor of a border planet I understand the issue of intergalactic immigration and trade.

Tom Tancredo - Lets nuke the moon.

Dennis Kucinich - We must protect the terraform environment on the moon from degradation and stop climate change by using peaceful means to disarm the sun!

Alan Keyes - Barack Obama was not born on Earth but on the planet Crypton, Where is his birth certificate?

Ralph Nader - Our space rockets are unsafe at any speed!

Al Gore - The Martian polar ice caps are melting!

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