Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Reflection On Jackson Yet!

Let the Dead Bury Michael Jackson by Jesse Lee Peterson

In the days following Michael's death, his father, Joe Jackson, held a press conference with none other than Al "The Riot King" Sharpton. Sharpton took center stage and babbled about the need to protect Jackson's legacy and focus on the "positive."

This race hustler was up to his old tricks of using code language to tell blacks that, after all, Michael Jackson was black, and we can't let white folks question his character or bizarre behavior.

Sharpton then took to the podium at the Staples Center during Michael Jackson's memorial and proclaimed in a phony loud preachy tone, "Michael taught the world how to love." He said to the Jackson children, "There wasn't nothin' strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with" (i.e. racism).

We've seen this before with O.J. Simpson. Every time a black man is exposed or publicly rebuked, so-called black leaders begin to stoke the flames of racial animosity.

In this case, celebrities like Jamie Foxx played the race card. Foxx said of Michael Jackson during a recent appearance at the BET Awards, "We want to celebrate this black man – he belongs to us – and we shared him."

What if when Elvis Presley died, a white person got on TV and said, "This white man – he belongs to us." See how ridiculous that sounds?

It was quite shocking and utterly asinine to see what passes for Black "leaders" attempting to protect the legacy of a black man who died his skin white, married white women, and had white children. Utterly bizarre.

I won't get into the child molestation charges too much, but they appear to be nothing more then extortion. You don't use sodium Amytal when pulling a kids tooth and take the testimony as legit. And Evan Chandler was by all accounts a greedy, manipulative, loser, who put his interests ahead of his child.

Michael Jackson was weird, whats more weird is our collective worship of celebrity.

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