Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black in America!

It's never actually your own fault. Modern liberalism as escape from personal responsibility on exhibit. There is an excuse for everything and man your battle stations were going find excuses for everything!

There are many influences that have shaped, affected or strained black marriages, according to marriage and family experts. Among them: African tribal traditions, the horrors of slavery, racial integration in the U.S. that paved the way to more freedoms and the migrations of thousands of African-Americans that fractured or reshaped communities. Trace the historic migrations of black Americans.

Yes, lets isolate the Black decline of marriage and ignore the decline and failure of marriage across all racial groups in America.

African tribal traditions, horrors of slavery, racial integration, and migrations are the main reasons Black people have trouble with marriage?

What accounts for the high white divorce rate?
Do the experts honestly believe the "horrors of slavery" has an indellible effect on Black marriage 150 years later?
How has the horrors of the Irish potato famine affected their divorce rates?
Racial integration has ruined Black marriage? Are we to return to segregationism to save the Black family?
How many African tribal traditions do modern Blacks still have?
Migrations cause divorce? Blacks are the only ones who have ever migrated? Didn't southern Whites also migrate north and west to new locales? How has this affected their divorce rates? What's the immigrant divorce rate?

This is the kind of juvenile journalism that modern society is producing.

Marriage has collapsed across all racial groups in America because we are a post-Christian, consumption based and materialist society, where marriage is not a sacred religious ritual but simply a legal contract between 2 consenting adults. Now our post-Christian society is morphing into an anti-Christian society where other constraints regarding gender and number of individuals who can form a contract will destroy the concept of Christian marriage in the national zeitgeist completely.

But lets blame slavery for the failures of African-American marriages and pretend everything is because of evil whitey.

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